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  • We had a tantrum…men and their tempers

  • One death too many….

    One death too many…. #sweepyface


    Ivowed never to comment on the Madeleine McCann case on this blog… but in light of what has happened over the last few days and because of a certain Portuguese Blogger Joana Morais deciding to put my twitter handle to the dossier that was handed to the police with regards to the online harassment of the McCann family, I feel I should clear my name.

    First and foremost I was never part of the…

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  • The Moat at Eltham Palace


    One of the places we love to visit is Eltham Palace Gardens…. in London, which is owned and maintained by the English Heritage.  As you walk into the grounds of Eltham Palace you cross a bridge that has a lake running underneath it.  The lake takes up nearly two sides of the moat.  The other sides of the moat have wonderful landscaped gardens.  One garden leads to the lake

    Taken by Bren Ryan

    Taken by Bren Ryan


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  • My god it’s not burnt for once

  • Through the trees unto the hills


    The photograph below was taken at Polseden Lacey in Surrey, back in 2012.  What drew my attention to liking this photograph was the way the trees framed the hills and the horizon.

    Taken by Ashley Ryan

    Taken by Ashley Ryan

    I though I would add a texture to the photograph to give it an added dimension.  Hope you enjoy…

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  • White Hydrangea


    I love roses, especially carpet roses that spread across the ground giving an abundance of colour in their delicate petals… But another flower that I love is Hydrangeas.   I did have two in my garden… a white one and a blue one…  The blue one unfortunately was not retriever proof, which is a shame really because when it bloomed it was such a vibrant blue.  I suppose the colour was such a vibrant…

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  • Reculver Rocks…


    The following picture was taken at Reculver back in February this year.

    Taken by Bren Ryan

    Taken by Bren Ryan

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  • Groombridge Trough….


    What I love about the following picture is how aged the trough looks… the flowers are planted in random and the greenery on the back wall adds to the charm of this picture.  The old trough looks as if its been there for many years and could tell a story or two….  We enjoyed our day at Groombridge Place and this is where you can find that trough… maybe when you visit it will be planted in flowers…

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  • Yesterday we went to Joss Bay… the weather was not too bad…. sunny intervals, but was that wind bracing?  You bet it was.. mind you those who loved surfing were having a great time catching those waves.  Joss Bay is an ideal place for families, with its sandy beach.  The cafe is also well priced for food and they served a beautiful cup of coffee.

    Something I really needed, as I was freezing.  I was glad to get my hands around that warm cup. :D

    Here are just a few pictures… the only thing is with Joss Bay… even though there is car parking… the beach is down quite a few steps and the slop down the hill is quite steep.  And by all accounts, dogs are allowed on the beach before 10 am and after 6 pm… but at the end of September dogs are allowed all day.

    Rocks and splashes…. Yesterday we went to Joss Bay… the weather was not too bad…. sunny intervals, but was that wind bracing?