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  • World Peace….

    World Peace….


    35_peace_on_earth_wideNot in a million years, unless the west decide to change their attitudes, their policies and sit down and totally rethink their foreign policy.

    Since the 7th century, Sunnis and Shi’tes have been rowing, arguing and fighting,  and if the problems haven’t been solved in all that time, what hope do we ever have of solving it?

    Over the last couple of days, reports have come in that planes have been…

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  • Split Toning

    Taken by Bren Ryan

    I have never tried split toning before… and ages ago I read a blog post by Julianne Kost, where she explains what split toning is and how you can achieve certain effects.

    Within her post she gives a link to download the presets (windows format).  I downloaded the presets and installed them in Lightroom but have never got around to using them until today.

    On one of our trips to Upnor, I took this…

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  • On Saturday we took ourselves off to Groombridge Place which sits on the Kent and Sussex Border. We had originally planned to visit Groombridge back in July, and we did drive there, only to find that the weather was not going to play ball.  Yes the heavens opened and the rain came down in bucket loads, so our visit was postponed.

    However, we did have a nice pub lunch in the Crown, which I would highly recommend.

    The weather was good this weekend, well at least it wasn’t raining, so off we went.

    Taken by Bren Ryan

    Taken by Bren Ryan – Canon EOS 1100D, f/5.6, 1/30 sec, ISO 100

    Unfortunately, the house is not open for viewing, which is a shame, but the gardens surrounding the house are beautiful.

    On the steep hillsides within the forest are a series of contemporary gardens created in recent years. One famous garden is the drunken garden, a favourite of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s. It was at Groombridge Place that his world famous Sherlock Holmes novel “The Valley of Fear” is set, although the House is renamed “Birlstone Manor”.
    Cite: Wikipedia

    There are woods, gardens, adventure playgrounds and not forgetting the famous Zeedonk (a donkey crossed with a zebra) and of course the river trip, which surprisingly enough I was enjoying, until the skipper mentioned he had seen snakes in the water. :D :D  Then I couldn’t wait until the boat landed and I was back on firm ground.  My two pet hates, snakes and water… and when used in a combination like that… I get rather nervous :D :D

    Taken by Bren Ryan

    Taken by Bren Ryan – Canon EOS 1100D, f/4, 1/50 sec, ISO 100

    As we strolled through one field, heading back towards the main entrance,  in the distance was a herd of fallow deer.  They were not at all phased about us being there… and seemed rather friendly.  We didn’t approach them, but they were beautiful to watch.  Just a shame they were too far away to capture…

    Groombridge Place, has so many activities for children… and is a great family day out.  We only walked a little way around Groombridge and there was so much more to view… but what we did see impressed us.  A thoroughly enjoyable day out.

    Groombridge Place On Saturday we took ourselves off to Groombridge Place which sits on the Kent and Sussex Border.
  • Get robbed and become a cop…

    Get robbed and become a cop…

    cops and robbers

    policeAusterity has now got some police forces asking people who are victims of certain crimes, such as vehicle crime, criminal damage and burglaries, to become a cop for them and investigate their own crimes. according to a report issued by the HMIC

    No it is not the Police being lazy… it is simply because they don’t have the manpower to investigate these crimes.  Yes they have the powers to…

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  • Rework of Texture me do…

    Rework of Texture me do…

    Taken by Ashley Ryan

    Back in May this year… I processed a photograph of a yellow flower and added a texture to it.

    Taken by Ashley Ryan

    Taken by Ashley Ryan – Canon EOS 600D, f/5.6, 1/80 sec, ISO 100

    Looking back on that photograph even though I liked the textured version of it, I decided to rework the photograph.  Even though I liked the coloured version, and no matter what I did to it, I couldn’t get the picture to my liking

    Taken by Ashley Ryan

    Taken by…

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  • What have I gone and done?

    What have I gone and done?


    It must have been total insanity…. that is all I can say. Whatever possessed me to do this?  Oh my God, do I need certifying for what I did?

    You see, everywhere I go about my diabetes or rheumatism, all the doctors, nurses and consultants say, is swimming is the best exercise of all.

    [getty src=”133262422?et=fFsgi3XYQz1RIvb7huRJ5w&sig=nRlbd8bK_2xmkhBbafBNruvYYYDk_GVd369Y4ThmtH0=” width=”516”…

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  • Take that ink off your face…..

    So the terror threat in the United Kingdom has been raised to severe…  and our delectable Prime Minister, Mr ‘Dishface’ Cameron, comes to the podium to tell us all that we must be extra vigilant and our nation’s security is at risk.

  • Summer is fading fast….

    Summer is fading fast….

    Taken by Bren Ryan
    Taken by Bren Ryan

    Taken by Bren Ryan – Canon EOS100D, f/8, 1/320 sec ISO 100

    Summer is fading fast here in the UK… blue skies are now being covered up by grey murky clouds and today the wind is howling. So what better to finish summer with a picture of a seagull with blue skies as his background, with the occasional white fluffy cloud.

    And there was I hoping that at the end of September when the dogs are allowed…

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  • Tulip….

    This photograph was one I took way back in spring 2013, when I found a tulip growing in my garden…